I recently went through "Swan's Den": an enterprise initiative by the University of Lincoln Students Union that has you pitch your business idea and receive a grant of up to £5000.

I was fortunate enough to succeed in both phases of pitching and received £1000 to help with the marketing costs of BrawlQuest. After BrawlQuest had been lying dormant for half a year this was a big push in motivating me to recommence work.

And it is on that evening that it was suggested that I, starting on the rewrite of the SDK, rewrite the entire game. And instantly my brain released the happy chemicals.

A week later and I've written barely 50 lines of code on the project. Okay, okay, I had a reasonably busy weekend and am working on an upcoming client deadline at work but still.

A friend and colleague has written up a countdown of the number of days until launch. 132. Clearly, I need a plan. I also then need to stick to that plan.

So - in a totally legit methodology that's sure to make every software engineer cry (the famous "bullet pointed list")  - here's what needs to be done and when:

  • May 24th: the entire API (38 days dev time)
  • June 14th: the entire SDK (21 days dev time)
  • July 26th: the entire game client (42 days dev time)

I also need to figure out a way of fitting in content creation and testing but the SDK should allow me to outsource some of this so I don't have to work on it all myself.

That's the plan, anyway. 132 days!